Arita Ware Cone-Shaped- Cafec Flower Dipper 1 cup

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The lovely and colorful porcelain flower petal dripper is the ultimate craft. Each piece is hand-made by Japanese craftsmen using traditional Japanese Arita ware techniques. What is compelling is the distribution of petal ribs on the inner wall of the coffee dripper. They allow the coffee powder to expand perfectly and to create space between filter paper and dripper. The pattern of sparse in the upper and dense in the lower also contributes to the effect of variable speed of water flow: when water level reaches 60-70% of the dripper, the flow rate will slow down. It is therefore hailed as a “full of sweetness” filter cup as it does not only influence the fruitiness and acidity, but also fully extracts the sweetness and moderate bitterness, which brews a cup of coffee full of personality.

  • Size: Cup1 (for 1 Cup)
  • Shape: Cone-shape with 60° bottom angle
  • Material: Arita ware / AS resin (Ceramic)
  • Filter Paper: CAFEC cone-shaped filter paper
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About Dipper

Flower form? It is the best. 

What is the best dripper for bringing out good flavor of coffee at the maximum?

As the world first developer of cone-shaped filter paper, CAFEC launched the “Flower Dripper” as the answer to the question after long time study.

The revolutionary idea to make gouges into the inner surface of dripper succeeds in keeping enough air layer between paper and dripper. Thanks to it, coffee powder can expand fully like in a nell dripper. And more, a deep filtering layer is also formed then as much as good taste of coffee can be brought out.What is good for the best taste of coffee brewed by filter paper?

This flower form is our answer.
Best form for Best flavor
Flower form

The flower dripper keeps a deep filtering layer by making water circulation from center to outside. To prevent the unpleasant taste from going into coffee liquid, a faster and smooth water flow is required. After long time of study, CAFEC reached this ideal flower shape at last! Because water does not stay in the dripper, the water volume poured from the top and brought out from the bottom can be kept the same. You can enjoy the best flavor of coffee without unpleasant taste.

  • Cone-shape: Cone-shaped dripper helps to form a deep filtering layer and to let water circulate inside the dipper. Water permeates all over coffee powders so the coffee taste becomes smooth but with the body.
  • Flower ribs: The flower ribs inside the dripper are made by gouging out the dripper wall. Thanks to the flower ribs, enough air layer can be kept between paper and dripper, and coffee powder can be expanded fully.
  • Easy to grip: The handle fits your hand and is easy to grip.
  • Bottom ribs: Thanks to the ribs round the bottom hole, flow paths for coffee are made then the taste of coffee become stable.


CAFEC is passionate about coffee & specifically drip coffee. The company vows to make drip coffee easily accessible to everyone regardless of professionals or homebrewers. They bring about a host of innovations & industry firsts to their drip coffee equipment which includes ABACA filter paper & Arita ware coffee dripper.

With the Flower Dripper, Sanyo Sangyo redefined pour-over coffee drippers. The Arita-ware dripper has deep & wide straight ridges incorporated into the inner wall of it which allow the proper expansion of ground coffee when it comes in contact with hot water. Subsequently, water can be circulated smoothly & filtered out from the dripper without causing over-steeping. All these results in a sweet-tasting cup without any negative aftertastes. Suitable to use with CAFEC Abaca cone-shaped filter paper and Hario V60 filter paper.

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