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Cafec Light Roast Paper Filter 01 & 04

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Not just a filter

  • Cup 1 (for 1 cup) 100 filters
  • Cup 4 (for 2-4cups) 100 filters
  • Cafec are a Japanese company specialising in coffee brewing equipment.
  • These new filter papers are designed specifically for light roasted coffees.
  • We have found a slightly slower flow rate with these papers, increasing our extraction and intensity in the cup.
  • Their high density means that even very fine particles are removed, leading to a very clean and juicy cup.
  • We have also found less paper taste in the final cup
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CAFEC Filter Papers

We have begun to use CAFEC filter papers in our coffee bars and at the roastery due the intentionality and attention to detail with which they are designed. After several conversations with the designers we can conclude that they are true coffee enthusiasts, that have used their extensive knowledge to create the new benchmark in bespoke design speciality coffee filters.

The ‘Light Roast’ paper’s high density allows us to extract a very clean and juicy mouthfeel from our coffees, and increases flavour intensity and clarity in the final cup. The ABACA filter is made using sustainable hemp fibres, and allows a fast consistent flow through the paper, again creating a great deal of clarity and liveliness in the final cup. In our experience, both filters also reduce paper taste in the final cup.

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 10.5 × 4 × 10 cm
Filter Size

1 Cup, 4 Cups


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