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Comandante C40 Red Clix RX35

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Technical specifications:

  • Grain size changes by clicking resp.
  • Horizontal shift from particle size target (bimodal normal distribution) by click
  • typical are: 15 microns / 0.015 mm
  • Opening change per click in the cutting-near area of the output toothing of the grinder
  • typical are: 5,5 micrometer / 0,0055 mm

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Red Clix RX35

For those who want to achieve the absolute best result in their espresso preparation, Comandante has invented the Red Clix. It is an axle with a special fine thread and a grind adjuster. This allows the adjustment range to be doubled for all grinds. Thus, the grain size adjustment is refined and you have an even more precise grinding result. This is a great advantage, especially for espresso production. The familiar, securely locking click mechanism of the Comandante mills has been retained. It has simply been doubled. For example, if your setting was previously at 25 clicks, the same grind setting with the RED CLIX will now be at 50 clicks. So RED CLIX gives your hand mill an extra click between each standard click. This small intermediate step makes just the subtle difference between a normal and a perfect espresso that you achieve with the Comandante and the Red Clix.

Important note: Please use only original RED CLIX parts. A combination with other parts can damage your grinder and make it unusable.

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