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Jusan third wave coffee house is a specialty coffee house located in bahrain. creating the best coffee experiences in the world while helping farmers achieve more value is what drives us. we roast daily and focus on sustainability from seed to cup.

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jusan was founded in 2019 in hidd, bahrain.  from the beginning, our focus was to bring carefully roasted and prepared coffee to bahrainis in a comfortable environment. 

our coffee

we offer coffees that are freshly harvested to ensure the most vibrant and transparent flavours possible.  we love coffees that have great aroma, sweetness, and clean acidity. 


our philosophy

every coffee tells a story. from the coffee varieties and cultivars to where it is grown. from the growing climate to the incredible people behind the coffee. every detail contributes to the distinct characteristics of the coffee. we hope to share these extraordinary stories through our passion and craft. our coffees are first sourced with the highest dedication to quality. They are then carefully roasted to highlight their terroir characteristics.

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ahmed alabsi

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production, media & Sales


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